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Surabaya Tour Package 7 Days 6 Nights Bestsellers And Cheap - 7 Days

surabaya tour package

Surabaya Tour Package 7 Days 6 Nights Bestsellers And Cheap

The Latest Surabaya Tour Packages from our service providers as tourism actors in Probolinggo, East Java. For those who want to rent a bus in Surabaya, or buy a complete package please order with us Andris Tour And Travel.

We can pick up wherever the location is, we are also available in Yogyakarta and Bali. Serve kindly, and can provide cheap Surabaya travel packages.

Our recommendation is to use the latest output bus units, the rental price is not far from the old output bus units. Today, the most popular and most popular tourist bus is the HD Setra / HDD / SHD class and this is if you have a large group, if you have a small group of us available on Avanza, Toyota Innova, APV, Luxio, ELF, and Hiace. Very comfortable to use, and certainly can make all passengers feel satisfied.

Travel Packages List Surabaya ( Surabaya Tour Package )

1. Malang City

Having a number of tourism potentials makes Malang become increasingly attached to the title of one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. Potential tourism in Malang and its surroundings is very complete ranging from natural tourism, game tourism, educational tourism, culinary tourism, to historical tourism. With so many interesting tourist attractions in Malang, the area located in East Java is now increasingly visited by tourists, both local, domestic and foreign tourists. Not only when vacation time arrives, even almost every day all tourist attractions in Malang are always crowded with tourists.

Indeed, Malang is not alone in supporting the many tourists who want to visit. Yes, not only Malang Regency, but there are also a number of other areas around Malang that have extraordinary tourism potential. One area that is also known to have tourism potential around Malang is Batu Regency. Because the distance is close and the area intersects, many also think a number of tourist attractions in the Batu Regency are tourist attractions in Malang Regency. However, for tourists, of course, this is not a problem. Both Malang and Batu have myriad of very interesting tourist attractions to visit.

2. Surabaya City 

There are so many Surabaya tourist attractions that are suitable to visit when you come to this hero city. The city, led by Tri Rismaharini, besides being known as the Industrial City and the second-largest city in Indonesia, is also known as an area that provides a variety of tourist sites that work.

Like historical tours? There is. Enjoy the beauty of landmarks? Don’t ask Let’s explore one of the Surabaya tourist attractions that are suitable to be visited during Eid this year!

In addition to the City of History, Surabaya is also known as the city of a thousand parks, because in almost every corner of the region there are beautiful flower gardens. One of them is Taman Harmoni in Jalan Keputih Tegal Timur Number 241, Sukolilo, Surabaya. Before it was made into a park, this area was a dirty dump in the Keputih area.

Taman Harmoni already has fairly complete public facilities such as children’s playgrounds, prayer rooms, and toilets. In addition to a walk to enjoy the beautiful flower garden, you can wander a little to the Keputih Bamboo Forest which is still in one area.

3. Mount Bromo Probolinggo 

Mount Bromo is one of the most popular natural tourist destinations for tourists, both local and foreign tourists. This tourist spot is very successful in attracting the attention of tourists with the beauty and uniqueness that is around it. Starting from interesting spots around Bromo, you can visit when you travel to Bromo. Sunrise Moment is the most hunted by tourists. Because the sunrise at Bromo is very beautiful and very interesting.

For information, Mount Bromo is an active volcano with an altitude of 2,392 meters above sea level which is surrounded by a stretch of sand with an area of ​​up to 10 kilometers. With these heights, it is not surprising that the temperature at Mount Bromo can reach 2º to 20º Celsius. The temperature is so cold, making this place one of the choices of holiday destinations in East Java that are quite extreme weather.

Although the temperature is quite cold, Mount Bromo is the most popular tourist destination for a vacation. The beauty of the sunrise view that you can enjoy at the height of Mount Bromo is one of the natural phenomena that many people hunt for. In addition to being a favorite place to see the sunrise, Mount Bromo has also become a monitoring post for volcanic activity.

Before traveling to Mount Bromo, of course, you need to prepare everything in advance so that your trip runs smoothly. Careful planning is the key to a pleasant and directed trip and for those of you who are from outside the island or abroad you can reach Mount Bromo from Surabaya Airport

4. Kawah Ijen ( Ijen Crater ) Bondowoso / Banyuwangi

Blue Fire in the Ijen Crater, is one tourist attraction that there are only 2 in the world, after Iceland. Precisely in the Ijen Crater, Rainforest Tigers, Younyar, Sempol, Bondowoso. As the name suggests, Blue Fire, the gas phenomenon coming out of the sulfur volcano which is then mixed with oxygen, is not red as usual, but the flame tongue is blue. In addition, the blue flame does not appear at any time, this blue flame will look beautiful during the dry season, whereas during the rainy season, the fire looks smaller. This means that July to September is the best time to enjoy and climb Mount Ijen.

A few tips for those of you who took the Banyuwangi Ijen tour package, with the Ijen crater in it. Then you have to get ready before midnight. Because the time to visit the Ijen crater is best around 2 to 3 at night. With a travel time of about 2 to 4 hours, from the foot of the mountain. Coupled with sandy dirt track and occasionally rocky, plus a slope of about 40 degrees. So you have to prepare the physical condition well when you want to see the beauty of the Blue Fire panorama. When the night, especially midnight, in the dark sky, the blue color of the fire of the Ijen Crater will be clearly seen and will be increasingly smaller, towards the morning (starting at 5 am).

Besides enjoying the beautiful panorama of exotic blue fire, there are several other activities that you can do and enjoy in this place, such as enjoying the beautiful sunrise, or you can also see miners who are working conventionally and others.

5. Red Island Banyuwangi 

Banyuwangi is one of the regencies in East Java Province that offers a million beautiful natural charms. Banyuwangi has many tourist destinations that are well known to foreign countries.

Banyuwangi is nicknamed “The Sun Rise of Java”. Existing nature tourism in Banyuwangi also varies, ranging from mountains, beaches, waterfalls to the crater. The natural beauty of Banyuwangi can be your choice if you want to go on a tour, one of which is Pulau Merah Beach, this beach has a shape resembling mountains in the middle of the beach.

For those of you who want to visit Pulau Merah Beach, this small island is located on the beach of Sumberagung Village, Banyuwangi, East Java. You will be welcomed with a beautiful view of very clear water with white sand as far as 3 km.

Other interesting Packages:

Surabaya Tour Package Price

2 PAX Rp 9.100.000 / Person1 ROOM
3 PAXRp 8.850,000 / Person1 ROOM + EXTRA BED
4 PAXRp 8.300.000 / Person2 ROOMS

In contrast to other provinces in Java of Indonesia, where Javanese food is usually sweet but food in East Java is salty. In Surabaya, the proportion of East Java with accents, food, and other aspects makes it has its own color.

Surabaya, the capital city of East Java, has many natural attractions such as beaches, climbing mountains, to playing to a small island that will stimulate your adrenaline. Besides that, East Java has a rich heritage of history. You will also see a variety of exciting games in the Recreation Park that are jamming among visitors.

If you visit Surabaya, prepare items including clothes, medicines, food and drinks well so that your long journey will be more comfortable. Stay hydrated, eat nutritiously and get enough rest so that you can take care of your health during the trip.

Oh yes, if you are confused about how to get to your destination, just use the guide application and an adequate internet data package. But if you are still confused, we suggest you buy a Surabaya Tour package that 7 days and 6 nights which will deliver to all directions in East Java, of course, at a relatively cheap price and very satisfying.

Day 1
Pick up from Surabaya - Malang Airport

Our driver will pick you up at Surabaya Airport.

After meeting with our driver, we will take you to Malang to check in at the hotel.

Free program (rest) at night (18:00) to Spectacular Night / BNS. After finishing back to the hotel and rest.

Day 2
Malang Batu Tour - Back To Hotel (More Overnight)

In the morning after breakfast at the hotel, visit directly to Coban Rondo Waterfall, Jodipan Village and the Transportation Museum.

After completion we will take you to the hotel for more night. hotel check-in. break

Day 3
Malang Tour - Mount Bromo (Cemoro Lawang)

Morning after breakfast at the hotel. The journey continues on a tour of picking apples in Malang until it finishes and then on to the East Java Park and shopping center.

after all the visit is complete with a direct trip to Mount Bromo to check in the hotel. break

Day 4
Mount Bromo Tour (Sunrise) - Ijen Crater Bondowoso

Mount Bromo tour starts in the morning at 3 Am to climb using the Jeep to enjoy the beautiful Sunrise with the background of Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru and Mount Batok.

After enjoying the beauty of Bromo sunrise, proceed to the crater of Mount Bromo through the desert at the foot of Mount Bromo, then head to the savanna (Teletabies hill) and whisper sand.

At 9 am we returned to the hotel and proceeded to the Sempol-Bondowoso area. The trip to Sempol is the closest city to Mount Ijen, about 5 hours drive from Bromo, through mountains, coffee fields, and inland. Then check in at a hotel in the Ijen area. break.

Day 5
Mount ijen Blue Fire - Red Island Banyuwangi

We will wake you up at 1:00 in the morning to prepare a visit to see the blue fire, we will go to Paltuding Post, where this post is the entrance to Crater.

Arriving in Paltuding, you can proceed to the crater of Mount Ijen to start exploring the blue flames of the Ijen Crater.

After enjoying the view of the blue fire, return to the Paltuding post for a short break and return to the hotel to pack and check the red island trip. rest at the hotel

Day 6
Red Island Beach Tour - Surabaya City

Arriving on the red island, participants can enjoy the sunrise on the red island and explore the red island and the surrounding area, after lunch the tour continues to Surabaya check in hotel. break

Day 7
Surabaya Sigthseeing - International Airport

In the morning after breakfast you can do the sightseeing or Surabaya city before finish and transfer to the Surabaya airport. Program complete

Price USD 607,68/ PAX - ( IDR 8.300,000 / PAX )

  • Cars, fuel, drivers, tolls, parking etc.,
  • Malang Batu Hotel 2 nights seu lawah grand view, + breakfast
  • Hotel Bromo permai or cafe lava + brrakfast
  • Hotel Padis Grandview / Ijen View Hotel + breakkfast
  • Hotel / Homestay on the Red Island + breakfast
  • Neo hotel in Surabaya + breakfast
  • All tickets are unfortunate and Surabaya City Tour
  • Entrance ticket Bromo
  • Admission ticket
  • Ticket to the red island
  • Ijen crater local guide
  • Bromo Jeep tour
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • lunch dinner
  • tip driver (at will)
  • personal needs
  • Airline ticket and insurance

Surabaya Tour Package Questions & Answer

Is this package still available?

Yes, this package is available

Can the schedule be rearranged, if we choose a tourist site that we refine?

Of course you can, because our package is a custom package that can be customized to your liking

Can I just visit Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater?

Yes, you can visit Bromo and Ijen Crater alone, this package only requires 3 Days 2 Nights.

Can Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater be visited during the rainy season?

yes of course, Ijen Crater and Mount Bromo can be visited, but we cannot guarantee you the sunny weather when you come in the rainy season, but you can still enjoy its beauty

What transportation do you use for this tour?

We have the tourist bus is the HD Setra / HDD / SHD class and available on Avanza, Toyota Innova, APV, Luxio, ELF, and Hiace. Very comfortable to use

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