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Package Mount Bromo Sunrise & Ijen Crater Blue Fire Cheap Price - 3 Days


Package Mount Bromo Sunrise & Ijen Crater Blue Fire 

One of our mainstay tour packages is Tour Mount Bromo Sunrise and Blue Fire Ijen Crater because of the combination of superior tourism in East Java which is a tour of 2 famous crater mountains in Indonesia. Ijen Crater is famous for the beauty of its Blue Fire which there are only 2 in the world and Mount Bromo is famous for the beauty of Sunrise Bromo, a beautiful expanse of sand and hills becomes an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. and for those of you who plan a vacation to Bromo and use a private vehicle, we also provide a cheap Jeep Bromo rental that you can use to explore the beauty of Mount Bromo.

Tour Mount Bromo Sunrise

Mount Bromo sunrise tour packages will take you to see the beauty of the sunrise with the vast expanse of Bromo crater stretches. Let’s invite your friends and family to take a vacation to visit Bromo in the Bromo Sunrise Tourism Package program.

And explore the unique variety of tourist destinations around Bromo in this Bromo sunrise tour package. Besides watching the beauty of the sunrise, in this Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Program you will also be invited to touch the beauty of Coba Pelangi Waterfall which is surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty. All you can enjoy by joining the Bromo Sunrise Tour Package program.

Mount Bromo Tourism is one of the best mountains in the world located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This exotic Bromo tourist attraction is located between Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Lumajang and East Java districts.

Some of the famous tourist attractions in Mount Bromo are Mount Penanjakan, Bromo Sand Sea, Padang Savana, Whispering Sand, Teletubies Hill, Pura Luhur Poten, Ranu Kumbolo, Mount Semeru, Madakaripura Waterfall with the original inhabitants of the Tengger tribe.

Blue Fire Ijen Crater Tour 

Mount Ijen is located on the border of the districts of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. Mount Ijen has a height of 2,443mdbl and is adjacent to Mount Merapi. One of the wonders of this crater is the appearance of blue fire in the early hours of the morning between 01.00 and 03.00.

This natural phenomenon only exists in two of the world, namely in the country of Iceland and in the crater of Mount Ijen, besides that around the crater there is also a liquid containing sulfur or sulfur that has been frozen for use by a mixture of chemicals by several companies.

Along the way we go to the summit or from the summit always meet people who carry sulfur mining results from the crater of Ijen, by carrying the weight between 60kg to one quintal, which is then taken to a place or collectors located not far from the Mount Ijen area, precisely on the south side of the Paltuding (start point).

If we see from the position of the crater of Mount Ijen is located between two cities namely Bondowoso City and Banyuwangi City, in the Blue Fire Package Ijen Crater Banyuwangi, we pass the northern route precisely through Bondowoso City, after that, we will enter into a long forest, fresh weather and the nature is still beautiful, once in a while we will meet beautiful birds and cute animals. But you don’t need to worry that this area is safe and there are a number of guard posts by Perhutani.

The Reasons why you should go to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater

1. Blue Fire is the only two in the world, Ijen Crater

Maybe some of you have read the news or maybe hear from people’s stories that Blue Fire aka natural blue fire only exists in two places in the world.
One is in Iceland and another is in the country of Indonesia, which is more precisely located in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java! This is one of the reasons why you should be proud to be Indonesian.

Out of hundreds of countries, God only chose two places to provide a beautiful panoramic view of Blue Fire that you can see with the naked eye. What’s not to be grateful for?

2. Mount Bromo and the Ijen Crater are the Top Destinations for World Tourists

Something rare and unusual will definitely be hunted down and sought after, right? That also happened with Blue Fire in Ijen Crater.

When I stopped by, I could conclude that 6 out of 10 visitors were foreign tourists. How come Blue Fire in Ijen Crater is so famous? It seems like there are only a few Indonesian people who stop by here.

Getting information from our guide, most tourists visiting the Ijen Crater and Mount Bromo came from Australia and France, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia. Especially for France, the country does have a TV station that broadcasts a special story about Blue Fire which is in Ijen Crater and Mount Bromo, Indonesia! That makes them very interested and interested in stopping by to Indonesia.

3. Beautiful view of Mount Bromo Sunrise

Located on the mountain, it is undeniable that Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater are among the best places to watch the sunrise and Milky way in East Java, Indonesia.

If Mount Bromo Sunrise is reddish, it is different from the Ijen Crater which is in the green of Tosca, making this experience truly beautiful and memorable!

4. See the Sulfur Miners in the Ijen Crater

One of the main and largest sources of sulfur in Indonesia comes from the Ijen Crater. No wonder because sulfur mined is managed directly by PT Candi Ngribi.

All the sulfur miners that you find in Ijen Crater do work to supply their sulfur to the company to be processed back into various products.

In Ijen Crater, you will witness sulfur miners by vigorously digging and transporting very heavy sulfur chunks using very simple tools on their shoulders with the help of two baskets placed on the left and right sides.

5. Very Easy Access

Access to locations is very easy. From downtown Surabaya, you only need 2 hours drive to Mount Bromo then you will spend the night in the area of ​​Cemoro Lawang (Mount Bromo Area)
In the Tamansari rest area, there will be a kind of bay

To the next day, you will be invited to tour to watch the Golden Sunrise and then head for Kab. Banyuwangi or Bondowoso for overnight and for the time needed to do a tour of Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater 3 Days 2 Nights

Other interesting Packages:

Package Price Tour Bromo Kawah Ijen From Surabaya

Total PersonsPrice IDR  Transportations Rooms 
121.250,000 /PAXIsuzu Elf6
111,350,000 /PAXIsuzu Elf6+1 exb
101.350,000 /PAXIsuzu Elf5
91.450,000 /PAXIsuzu Elf4+1 exb
8925,000 /PAXIsuzu Elf4
7850,000 /PAXLuxio3+1 exb
61.300,000 /PAXAvanza/Xenia3
51.550,000 /PAXAvanza/Xenia2+1 exb
41,550,000 /PAXAvanza/Xenia2
31,850,000 /PAXAvanza/Xenia1+1 exb
22.400,000 /PAXAvanza/Xenia1

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package and Ijen Crater Blue Fire is the most popular travel service that has been provided to make it easier for you and your family or group to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo and even the Ijen Crater. With exclusive services, private and certainly accompanied by affordable rates.

We will escort you to Mount Bromo Sunrise or to Ijen Crater to visit the Blue Fire which is a favorite tourist destination for all world tourists. So do not "miss", use your vacation opportunity to travel to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater using the packages we provide.

Moreover, the Bromo Ijen Private tour package that we provide is very flexible, you can adjust it to your needs or desires to enjoy both panoramas.

If other tour package providers usually only provide Bromo midnight (sunset) tour packages, at Andris Tour And Travel you can choose tour packages as you wish, where you can choose and adjust your desires or needs.

Very interesting is not it? So immediately order your vacation to Bromo and Ijen Crater right now.

Day 1
Surabaya Airport / Hotel - Mount Bromo - Check in Hotel

Our journey starts from the city of Surabaya at 10:00

Heading to the city of Probolinggo as the first alternative route

We will take you to lunch at one of Bromo Asri's restaurants

After enjoying lunch we continued our journey through the village and forest to Cemoro Lawang

Arriving at Cemoro Lawang, immediately check in with the hotel that we have prepared,

While enjoying the cool atmosphere in the lodging area that has been provided

Dinner is provided at the hotel with a traditional menu.

You are welcome to rest, to recover the energy drained on the road.

Day 2
Mount Bromo Tour Sunrise - Kawah Ijen Check In

Mount Bromo Sunrise package tour starts pick-up with Jeep at 3.00am

Then head to Puncak Pananjakan View point using Jeep

Hardtop to enjoy Bromo sunrise tour.

Satisfied enjoying the Bromo Sunrise with the same Jeep going down to the Bromo Sand Sea.

Go for about 1.5 km to get to Bromo Crater (or you can rent a horse) and continue up the 245 ladder to Bromo Crater

Then proceed to visit the best tourist spots in other bromo namely savannah grasslands, mountains or teletubies hills and lastly is visiting whispering sand spots that lie in the eastern part of Mount Bromo

After being quite satisfied enjoying the view of Bromo Crater, returned to the Jeep parking lot and was escorted back to the hotel

Eat breakfast, while cleaning yourself or taking a shower

After all the complete participants have gathered then we will continue the journey to Kab. Bondowoso or Banyuwangi Ijen Crater area for overnight, for the duration to the Ijen Crater area takes 5-6 hours drive Check in Hotel and free program

Day 3
Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour - Return Surabaya / Banyuwangi

Exactly at 00.30 welcome to the preparation and check out of the hotel, breakfast is provided at the inn.

The journey to the Ijen Crater parking center passes through dark forests and villages without any lighting,

Arriving in Paltuding, trekking preparation and trekking to the top of the Ijen crater, assisted by a local guide

We arrived at the top of Ijen, seeing the natural phenomenon of blue fire beside the crater of Ijen. You can see up close the location of the blue fire but with adequate equipment such as water masks, special eye glasses, centers etc.

After capturing enough of the Ijen crater, return to travel to Paltuding while watching the beautiful sunrise from the side of the cliff of Mount Ijen.

Arriving in Paltuding, take a short break and continue the journey to the city of Malang or Surabaya.

A short break at the restaurant for lunch, estimated to arrive in the city of Surabaya at 20:00, and the program ends. or if you want to end up in Ketapang Banyuwangi only takes 2 hours drive from Ijen Crater

Price Starts USD 175,42/ PAX - ( IDR 2.400,000 / PAX )

  • Full AC Vehicles Go & return, Surabaya / Malang (Driver, Fuel, Toll, Parking Area, etc)
  • Star hotel or homestay + Breakfast
  • Rent Jeep Bromo to 5 locations in Bromo
  • Entrance ticket to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • Mask
  • Local Guide Blue Fire in the Ijen crater
  • Transportation costs to and from the participant's place of origin
  • Airport Tax
  • Personal expenses during the tour (laundry, mini bar, etc.)
  • Dinner and lunch
  • Tipping guide and driver (Voluntary)
  • Costs for horse riding / other activities outside the itinerary
Can it be custom itinerary?

Yes, for reservations as a private tour you are free to determine tourist destinations, the duration of the visit please consult with our customer service to get the best information.

Where is the pickup / meeting point?

We pick up according to the request of Trip Participants - Can be from the Airport, Station, Hotel, Public Places in the City of Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi even from Bali

Do children / babies at full charge in this package?

For children over 5Th / Toddler, we calculate the full cost with the same facilities as an adult.

What is the cheapest package price for Bromo and Ijen Crater?

The cost required is not too expensive. All information is complete on the website and most importantly the more members of your group the cheaper the price.

Can we bargain for the Tour Package price?

Yes, we are very flexible. so, if you are not in accordance with the prices we offer, other alternatives we can include facilities such as meals, or hotels, etc.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

Price From USD $ 175/person
Total $ 175 USD
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