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Kumbolo Lake, Ranu Kumbolo Tour Packages Cheap Prices - 2 Days

Ranu Kumbolo Tour Package

Ranu Kumbolo Tour Packages Cheap Prices From Surabaya or Malang

Ranu Kumbolo is a freshwater lake that is under the auspices of the Lumajang Regency, East Java, located in the Tengger Mountains, at the foot of Mount Semeru. This lake has an area of ​​approximately 15 hectares.

For some nature lovers and backpackers, Ranu Kumbolo is a familiar place. Because this lake is a transit point for those who will continue their journey to climb the peak of Mahameru on Mount Semeru which is called the highest peak on the island of Java.

With a water debit that is never lacking, Ranu Kumbolo always gets the attention of several climbers to build a tent/camping in this place.

There is its own uniqueness behind the beauty of Ranu Kumbolo, namely when the sun begins to rise between two green hills that appear slowly and make our eyes unable to refuse to enjoy them.

Not to mention the situation of the lake when the fog starts to fall in the afternoon combined with lake water is really an unspoken panorama. When night falls we will be treated to a cluster of stars from the Milky Way galaxy that we are not sure we can see when we are in big cities because of the glare of city lights that are so clear.

Beside it, there is a hill called “hill of love” which is said if we climb to this hill with the thought of our loved ones without looking back then we can be happy with him. But the higher we climb the more temptation becomes more intense. Because the higher, so the panorama Ranu Kumbolo from the hill will look more beautiful.

Ranu Kumbolo Location

For members of the community of mountain climbers or those who are just interested in climbing Ranu Kumbolo are certainly no stranger to its beauty. Nicknamed the paradise of Semeru, Lake Kumbolo at the foot of Mount Semeru is indeed known for its unbeatable charm.

From the very beautiful, the location around Ranu Kumbolo became a favorite basecamp for climbers to rest before continuing the climb. Even when on vacation, many people deliberately trekking just to spend the night in this beautiful lake. And the next day backs down, without continuing to the top.

Lake Ranu Kumbolo is administratively included in the village of Mulyosari, Pagerwojo sub-district, Tulungagung, East Java. The location of the lake is in the management of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Area (TNBTS). This lake is located at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level (masl).

Route and how to get to location/transportation

To reach the Ranu Kumbolo lake must be reached by climbing. On foot. There is no other means to reach that location. Yes, the name is also a hiking tour, yes it must climb!

The trekking route taken is the Ranu Pani village hiking trail. From the village of Ranu Pani, climbers can begin their trekking. To reach Ranu Pani, it can be reached by motorized vehicles, both cars, and motorcycles.

Climbers can start from the city of Malang or from Surabaya to Tumpang, which can be reached with the help of a vehicle with a range of about 3 hours. From Tumpang, continue to Ranu Pani Post by vehicle rental, usually a jeep. Or if it’s cheap, you can take a vegetable car. the fee can save up to 80% compared to Jeep rental. After Ranu Pani, the hiking trail begins.

Under normal conditions, from Ranu Pani to Lake Ranu Kumbolo Semeru, it takes 3.5-4 hours. However, if taken casually, 5 hours is a time that can still be tolerated.

Ranu Kumbolo Open Schedule

For the location of Lake Ranu Kumbolo itself, this location is open 24 hours, because the location is a camping area. The only time rule is the time to start rising from Ranu Pani. Ranu Pani post administrator, set rules for climbing must report at least 24 hours in advance, to then be asked to undergo a health test.

The next day, after being declared qualified by the doctor, a new climber was allowed to board. The journey can begin between 8 am to 6 pm.

Kumbolo Package

Entrance Ticket for Ranu Kumbolo

There is no ticket for entering Kumbolo Ranu. Tickets are charged when entering the last pedestrian post at Ranu Pani

The Entrance fee Ranu Kumbolo is only 5 thousand rupiahs per person plus the cost of parking the vehicle.

Facilities at Ranu Kumbolo

Supporting facilities in Ranu Kumbolo are not as complete as general tourist attractions. This is not because of the negligence of the manager in providing it. But due to market segment factors. Travelers who go to Lake Ranu Kumbolo are mountain climbers. Which of course has prepared for the actual camp situation, not a fad camping like a night on the beach which is actually just for selfies, and when you are hungry can order go-food.

For toilet needs, climbers are advised to make dug holes with a minimum distance of 15 m from the lip of the lake. To wash your face and brush your teeth, you can take water in the lake, but you cannot do it directly in the lake.

Requirements for a visit to Ranu Kumbolo And Camping

1. A place to set up a tent

Although Ranu Kumbolo is a favorite place for many climbers, it does not mean you can carelessly set up a tent here. There is a lot of terrain around the lake, but, there are only two locations that can be used as a place to spend the night, namely in the savanna near post four down, and near the shelter behind the Ranu Kumbolo hill.

Apart from the two places, you may not set up a tent because the land around Ranu Kumbolo is still considered sacred by the local people.

2. You cannot swim in the lake

Crystal clear Ranu Kumbolo is tempting us to swim or just play water on the edge of the lake. Sounds like it’s fun, you should undo your intention to swim here. Not because it is sacred or anything, but the uncertain lake temperature coupled with the depth of the lake reaching 28 meters can be fatal for climbers who are determined to swim in Ranu Kumbolo.

3. The boundary of setting up a tent

To keep this beautiful lake from being polluted, climbers are also prohibited from setting up tents too close to the shores of the lake. The minimum distance is 15 meters from the edge of the lake. In addition to the distance of the tent, climbers are prohibited from feeding fish let alone littering into the lake. Do not be desperate to break this rule if you do not want to be expelled from Ranu Kumbolo.

4. Wash tableware

Besides the matters of the tent, washing the cutlery also has rules. You may not wash dishes or cutlery by the lake because it will pollute the lake water. Instead, you can make a dug hole which is 15 meters from the edge of the lake.

This digging hole you can use as a place to wash cutlery such as glasses, spoons, and plates as well as a place to dispose of your leftovers which is then piled up again after use.

Remember, leftovers are not food wrappers or anything made of plastic or paper. For plastic, paper, or other packages that cannot be decomposed, you should collect and store them in a separate bag and hang them in the bag. You can throw it in the trash in the house when you go down the mountain later.

5. Take a shower and urinate

Usually, the climbers will dig a hole for a place to defecate and then piled up again after completion. Fortunately, there are already toilet facilities in Ranu Kumbolo that can be used for bathing or defecating. However, because this toilet does not yet have water, you must first take the lake water using a bucket.

6. Must not light a campfire

Located at a height with the forest around it, making the temperature on the mountain so cold at night. Overcoming this, climbers usually make a campfire for cooking or warm-up.

But it’s a different story if you spend the night in Ranu Kumbolo. Because the trees around Ranu Kumbolo are getting thinner, the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park forbids climbers from making bonfires using wood or logs from trees that come from around the lake.

Relax, you won’t be cold, because instead, TNBTS will make a bonfire that can be used together. In addition to saving wood, the purpose of making this bonfire is also to strengthen the relationship between climbers to get closer to each other.

Other interesting Packages:

Price Camping At Ranu Kumbolo East Java



So that you do not forget, we will repeat this point, and there are also some additions to this point.

  • Health certificate from a doctor, photocopy of ID Card/other identities
  • Change clothes to taste
  • Bag (Bodypack / daypack / backpack) + Raincover
  • Windbreak / Windshield jacket
  • Trekking & Sandal shoes
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Balaclava, glasses
  • Gloves, Socks, Masks
  • Cameras and Equipment
  • Power Bank
  • Snacks
  • Insect Lotion
  • Personal medicine
  • Raincoat
  • Sunblock Cream
  • Trash Bag for each other's trash

Terms and Conditions:

  • A minimum quota of 2 people, If the quota is not met then the choice can be canceled trips or trips continue to run with price adjustments (according to the agreement of both parties)
  • We have the right to cancel the trip with certain considerations beyond our ability, and the participant DP will be refunded 100%.
  • The itinerary can change depending on the weather and natural weather conditions and traffic
  • If the destination is not possible to be visited due to disaster, unfavorable weather, closure of tourist attractions, or other reasons beyond our control, then the participant is not entitled to ask for compensation or refund the costs that have been paid.
  • There is no refund of Down Payment / Down Payment or money that has been paid for participants who cancel the trip
  • Paying a DP as a Commitment fee of at least 50% can be started from the Notes / published event or can also pay off in full.
  • Prices change from time to time if there is an increase in gasoline nationally or other increases associated with the destination

Day 1
Pick up from Surabaya - Malang Airport

08:00 Meeting Point in Surabaya or Malang City

08:30 Travel to Overlays with private cars

10:00 moved jeep, journey to Ranu Pane

13:00 Licensing at the Hiking & Lunch Post

13:30 Start Trekking from Ranu Pane to Ranu Kumbolo, Estimated 5-hour trip

17:30 Arrived at Ranu Kumbolo and set up a tent

17:30 Porter & Guide prepares Food for participants

19:30 Dinner at Ranu Kumbolo

20:00 Free time

22:00 Rest

Day 2
Raunu Kumbolo Sunrise - Return ( Surabaya or Malang )

4:30 a.m. morning call

05:00 Participants Enjoying Sunrise at Ranu Kumbolo & Explore Oro-oro Ombo until they are satisfied

08:00 Breakfast at Ranu Kumbolo

09:00 Packing

11:00 Start The journey to Ranu Pane

16:00 Arrive at Ranu Pane (Eat at Ranu Pane shop with its typical menu Rawon)

17:00 Naek Jeep goes to Tumpang

20:00 Arrive at Tumpang, then drop at the Malang or Surabaya station, the journey ends

Price USD 188,74/ PAX - ( IDR 2.600,000 / PAX )

  • Private Transportation During Go and Return
  • Jeep to Kumbolo
  • Entrance Ticket Semeru (Ranu Kumbolo)
  • Tent Charge etc.
  • Camping gear (Tents, Sleeping bags, Mattresses, Cookware)
  • English speaking guide
  • Porters for carrying equipment (Tents, SB, Mattresses, Cookware, Logistics)
  • Eat 4x
  • Mineral water during the climb
  • Coffee or Tea
  • Transportation of participants from the city of origin
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal logistics (additional snacks)
  • Personal Medicine
  • Jackets etc. personal equipment

Q&A Of Ranu Kumbolo

Is this available in the sharing group

No, we only serve private packages for packages to Ranu Kumbolo for several reasons

When is the best time to camp to Ranu Kumbolo?

The best time to visit Ranu Kumbolo is in the dry season between June and September

Can 1 person do it?

Yes you can, but the price will be much more expensive if you are a solo traveler

What transportation is used for this tour

We have various kinds, such as Avanza, Toyoya Innova, Hiace, Elf, Bus and many more

Is the price negotiable?

of course, you can bid according to the budget, we will provide the best solution for your tour

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

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