Sulawesi Private Car Rental, Cheap Toraja Tour Packages 2019

Sulawesi Private Car Rental, Cheap Toraja Sulawesi Tour Packages 2019 Sulawesi Island is located near the islands of Kalimantan and Maluku, is the 4th largest island in Indonesia, there are 6 provinces in Sulawesi; West Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, and Gorontalo. If you like nature, then this island is perfect for you to visit, want to know what natural attractions are famous in Sulawesi? Here are 10 selected tourist destinations that you must visit when traveling to Sulawesi!

1. Bunaken Marine Park

If you go to Menado without going to Bunaken Marine Park, it feels incomplete. Bunaken has an area of ​​8.08 km ². The beauty of the marine ecosystem has hypnotized diving and snorkeling lovers from all over the world to witness paradise under the sea surface. There are 29 spots for diving in Bunaken marine park, and of these 29 points, 12 of them are the most visited. Bunaken has a variety of extraordinary marine life such as 70 different corals, five turtle species, and many species of fish and mermaids that are almost extinct even white sharks and black corals, and barracuda and even saltwater crocodiles!

2.Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is famous for its unique culture, rituals and ancient graves. One interesting tradition that always attracts foreign tourists is the tradition of Toraja’s funeral. Toraja’s funeral is very typical and only carried out by the nobility. The Toraja funeral tradition lasts for days, and one of the rituals in it is the buffalo slaughter. Because of this unique culture, Tana Toraja has become one of the famous tourist attractions in Sulawesi to the whole world.

3.Windu National Park

Located in Palu, Windu National Park will give you a special experience, starting with climbing the mountain on an extreme path. You can experience being the first to discover an unexplored forest that is rich in flora and fauna. You might find butterflies, hornbills, monkeys, snakes and also lots of flowers and wild plants.


Wakatobi is located in Southeast Sulawesi and consists of several stunning islands. In fact, many argue that Wakatobi National Park is one of the most beautiful underwater paradises on earth. One diving journalist believes that Wakatobi is the most beautiful dive site in the world. An expedition from Britain in 2005 found that 750 of the world’s 850 coral species were found in Wakatobi. Can you imagine how the richness of the sea in this area?

5.Togean Islands

The Togean Islands are like a strand of beautiful gems in Tomini Bay, Central Sulawesi. Privileges at the same time the attraction is the underwater. Coral reefs are still very fertile, so they are the dream home of hundreds of fish species. Generally still natural. Therefore do not be surprised to be the target of lovers of marine tourism. Call it diving, snorkeling, fishing, or just relaxing to enjoy the pristine white sand beach. It turned out that the researchers were interested in coming to the Togean Islands. Moreover, there are several new types of corals that are actually found here. What’s interesting about hundreds of species of fish, there are types of Pracheilinus togeanensis and Ecsenius sp, which are only found in the Togean Islands. Means the Togean Islands become a paradise for researchers underwater wealth.

5.Bantimurung National Park

Bantimurung National Park is located in Maros Regency or 45 km from the center of Makassar City. It is very famous as the kingdom of butterflies because there are around 250 species of butterflies here, no wonder butterflies are used as mascots in this park. With a garden area of ​​43,750 ha it also provides natural beauty in the form of limestone hills, waterfalls and caves.

6.Tanjung Bira Beach

Tanjung Bira is located in the area of ​​South Sulawesi. The specific location is Bulukumba Regency which is very far away, around 200 km from the center of the capital city of Makassar. So Tanjung Bira can be said to be located at the southern tip of the mainland of South Sulawesi. Tanjung Bira beach also offers sunrises and sunsets which are directly seen and set towards the open sea. Because the sea in Tanjung Bira is an open sea. This beauty will not be found anywhere else, especially in other parts of Indonesia.

The other main characteristic of Tanjung Bira is that it has very fine beach sand, even so, small that it feels like flour. Many seas and beaches certainly do not have these characteristics.

7.Takabonerate Marine Park

Located in the Selayar Islands, Takabonerate Marine Park is a paradise for divers to enjoy the underwater beauty. Visitors can enjoy the panorama of underwater beauty and also swim with fish, turtles and watch the beauty of coral reefs.

8.Takabonerate Marine Park

Located in the Selayar Islands, Takabonerate Marine Park is a paradise for divers to enjoy the underwater beauty. Visitors can enjoy the panorama of underwater beauty and also swim with fish, turtles and watch the beauty of coral reefs.

9.Sumba Opu fortress

Benteng Somba Opu is one of the historical attractions in South Sulawesi. This fort is a tourist complex under the auspices of the Gowa Regency government tourism agency.
Now the Sumba Opu Citadel is a historic object in which there are several traditional buildings of South Sulawesi representing the Sugu Bugis, Makassar, Mandar and Toraja. In addition there is a cannon with a length of 9 m and 9,500 kg and a museum that contains the historical relics of the Kingdom of Gowa.

9.Bukit Kasih Kanonang
Bukit Kasih is located in Kawangkoan District. Minahasa. Kanonang Hill of Love is a tourist place that symbolizes harmony among religious followers in North Sulawesi Province. Here there will be all places of worship with religious followers. If from Manado, it takes around 90 minutes to reach this place.

South Sulawesi Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights


  • In the afternoon the participants arrived at Sultan Hasanuddin Int’l Airport, welcomed by the local guide “Welcome to Makassar”. Furthermore, participants will be escorted to a local restaurant for lunch. After lunch we will visit the “Museum of Balla Lompoa” which is a replica of the Gowa Royal Palace, which contains historical objects from the kingdom of Gowa. After that, we will visit the complex “Tomb of Sultan Hasanuddin”. In the afternoon, we will visit the landmark of Makassar City, Losari Beach, where participants can enjoy the sea and the sunset. In the evening the participants will be escorted to the local restaurant for dinner. Then we will go to the hotel to rest.


  • After breakfast, we will visit Rammang Rammang Hamlet, which is surrounded by the second largest karst mountains in the world. Then we go to Leang Leang Prehistoric Park, here you can enter the prehistoric cave that holds a unique and interesting archaeological heritage. Next, we will head to a local restaurant for lunch. After that, we will go to the Bantimurung National Park which is the belle of natural tourism in South Sulawesi. Here you can enjoy views of waterfalls, adventure in the cave of dreams and stone caves. Next, we will go to the Makassar Special Souvenir Center on Jalan Sombaopu. Here you can buy various kinds of souvenirs and souvenirs from Makassar to be made as souvenirs for your beloved family. In the evening participants will be picked up to go to a local restaurant for dinner. After that, we will go back to the hotel to rest.


  • After breakfast and check out the hotel, then we will go to Fort Rotterdam which is a fort that was built in the Kingdom of Gowa in the 16th century. inside the fort, there is also the museum “La Galigo” where you can see the customs and culture of the people of South Sulawesi. Then we will head to a local restaurant for lunch. After that participants will be escorted to the airport to continue the journey to their hometown.

South Sulawesi Tour Package Overland Tour 8 Days


  • At 07.00 meet at the meeting point, namely Sultan Hasanuddin Airport Makassar, then fly to Selayar. Arriving at Selayar we go straight to the Taka Bonerate National Park area, precisely to Tinabo Island where we will stay overnight. Afternoon free time to enjoy the sunset.


  • Snorkeling trip to several snorkeling spots on Tinabo Island and around the island.


  • Snorkeling trip to Rajuni Island, Bungin Tinabo and Small Tinabo Island. Afternoon return to Tinabo Island.


  • In the morning free program, then check-out after breakfast. On the way back to Selayar, we will stop at Rajuni Island / Latondu Island to see the local villages. In the afternoon, arrive at Selayar, then head to the hotel to rest.


  • After breakfast at the hotel, drive to Makassar. On the way, we will stop at Tanjung Bira and Tana Beru, the center of phinisi shipbuilding. In the afternoon, I will arrive in Makassar and then go to a typical souvenir shop in Makassar. After that, head to the hotel to rest.


  • At 08.00 in the morning, start the journey by car to Rammang-Rammang which is the third-largest karst group in the world. We will ride the river by boat to explore this karst complex. After that, we return to the trip to Tana Toraja. The evening arrived at Toraja, then headed to the hotel to rest.


  • After breakfast at the hotel, we will visit tourist objects in Toraja, such as Lemo, Londa, and Kete Kesu. We can also see the Toraja traditional funeral service if there happened to be an event on that day. Afternoon return to the hotel.


  • After breakfast, we return to travel by car to Makassar. On the way, we will stop by at Enrekang to see the beauty of Mount Nona. Afternoon arrives at Makassar Airport and the trip ends (please take a flight at 20.00).

Facilities that can be adjusted to the package:

  • Hotel accommodation **** Sahid / similar
  • Local transport according to the number of participants (including fuel, drivers, parking, tolls)
  • Eat during the tour at local restaurants and seafood restaurants
  • Local Guide during the tour (Min 5 participants)
  • Entrance ticket to tourist attraction
  • 600 ml of mineral water during the tour

That needs to be prepared

  • Identity Card, Cash, Camera, E-voucher from Vokamo
  • Terms & Conditions for Overland South Sulawesi 8D7N Tour Package
  • Prices are only valid for ID CARD or KITAS holders. Packages already purchased cannot be returned or refreshed.

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