Price List Mount Bromo Ijen Crater From Surabaya, Malang, Probolinggo

Mount Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya, Malang, Probolinggo 2019 – For those of you who have a vacation plan to Mount Bromo. And want to make your trip a lot easier, cheaper and safer. We offer a tour of the Bromo tour by pick-up from Surabaya / Malang and Probolinggo. Prices start from IDR 350,000 / pax for Midnight Bromo Tour Package, reservations contact WhatsApp: +6281234571135

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The Best Spot on Mount Bromo to Visit

For those of you who join us. We will invite you to enjoy the various spots in Bromo. There are around 7 locations that we will visit which of course create unforgettable memories for you and your group. The following location:

Penanjakan, Bromo ( View Point The Mount Bromo Tour Sunrise )
Penanjakan or commonly referred to as sunrise view is one of the main destinations to Bromo, this spot is a location where you can see Mount Bromo, Mount Batok along with Mount Semeru. Also in this location, you can see an impressive sunrise at the peak of the climb. With an altitude of around 2770 masl, you will feel the typical coldness of Bromo around 4-10 degrees Celsius.

Widodaren Hill Mount Bromo
Widodaren Hill is one spot that is addressed directly after climbing. Here is the best spot to take photos of Mount Batok’s background, Bukit Widodaren, and Spot for jeep/hardtop background. This spot you will feel the cold mist (which is seen around Bromo) and will also be treated to a view of the Bromo desert.

Luhur Poten Temple Mount Bromo
Luhur Poten Temple is a religious area located in the stiff mountain of Bromo and Batok. In this temple is usually used for ceremonies for residents Tengger and surrounding areas. Like the Yadya Kasada ceremony, Nyepi, etc. The majority of Bromo Tengger residents are Hindus.

Mount Bromo Crater
Bromo Crater is one of the active craters in Indonesia. This spot is the main spot and attracts Bromo itself. Bromo crater always emits sulfur and for some time more sulfur comes out than usual.

Whispering Sand Mount Bromo
The Pasir whispering area is complex in the Bromo area that is famous for filming. Recorded the movie Kick of the Sky and Satria Bergitar (Rhoma Irama) using this whispering sand setting. At this location, you will hear the sound of sand swishing like a whisper.

Padang Savana Mount Bromo
At Bromo there is also the Padang Savana, here you will see the beauty of the Bromo meadow coupled with the blooming of flowers. It is suitable for pre-wedding locations because of its romantic impression.

Teletubbies Hill Mount Bromo
The only location with the theme Teletubbies in Indonesia is only in Bromo. This spot is a spot of green hill hills that is very refreshing to the eye. You can enjoy photos or self photos with the green background of the hill and the very fresh grass of Bromo.

Mount Bromo Tour Start Surabaya, Malang And Probolinggo

We are a professional Tour & Travel Agent in Probolinggo, East Java which is engaged in services. It has been very experienced, especially serving tour packages to Mount Bromo, Ijen crater, Malang and Surabaya. Besides we offer various tourist destinations in Yogyakarta and Bali. With competitive prices and according to the facilities that you will get while following our tour package.

We have many tour packages ranging from the economy to the VIP CLASS. For those of you who order economic packages at low prices. You will still get the best service. Starting from vehicles, drivers, hotels/inns/ homestays and other accommodation. We Andristour guarantee your satisfaction if you order a VIP package.

IDR. 300.000/Pax 50 Pax
IDR. 315.000/Pax 30 Pax
IDR. 325.000/Pax 15 Pax
IDR. 350.000/Pax 10 Pax
IDR. 350.000/Pax 5 Pax
IDR. 475.000/Pax 4 Pax
IDR. 575.000/Pax 3 Pax
IDR. 775.000/Pax 2 Pax
These fees include:
  • Transportation (Include Pickup Area Malang City, & Surabaya Kota Probolinggo ).
  • Professional drivers are polite and friendly.
  • Fuel
  • Jeep / Hardtop.
  • Parking All Locations.

Check the itinerary of Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package 

IDR. 700.000/Pax 50 Pax
IDR. 750.000/Pax 30 Pax
IDR. 750.000/Pax 15 Pax
IDR. 950.000/Pax 10 Pax
IDR. 1.150.000/Pax 5 Pax
IDR. 1.350.000/Pax 4 Pax
IDR. 1.450.000/Pax 3 Pax
IDR. 1.650.000/Pax 2 Pax

These fees include:

  • Transportation (Include Pickup Area Malang City, Batu Kota & Surabaya Kota).
  • Professional drivers are polite and friendly.
  • 1 night 3 Star hotel at Cemoro Lawang Probolinggo
  • Fuel.
  • Jeep / Hardtop 4 Location of Mount Bromo.
  • Entrance tickets for all locations in Bromo.
  • Parking All Locations.
  • Special Gift (Bromo Kupluk & Gloves).
  • Snack Box.
  • Breakfast
  • Fee Driver.
  • Insurance.
  • Mask.

Check the itinerary of Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night

Price Mount Bromo Tour Kawah Ijen Package VIP CLASS 3D/2N

IDR. 1.250.000/Pax 50 Pax
IDR. 1.250.000/Pax 30 Pax
IDR. 1.250.000/Pax 15 Pax
IDR. 1.450.000/Pax 10 Pax
IDR. 2.150.000/Pax 5 Pax
IDR. 2.250.000/Pax 4 Pax
IDR. 2.450.000/Pax 3 Pax
IDR. 2.850.000/Pax 2 Pax

These fees include:

  • Transportation (Include Pickup Area Malang City, Probolinggo & Surabaya).
  • Professional drivers are polite and friendly.
  • 1 Night 3 Star Hotel at Comoro Lawang Probolinggo
  • 1 Night 3 Star Hotel at Kawah Ijen Bondowoso
  • Fuel.
  • Jeep / Hardtop 4 Location of Mount Bromo.
  • Entrance tickets for all locations in Bromo.
  • Parking All Locations.
  • Special Gift (Bromo Kupluk & Gloves).
  • Snack Box.
  • Breakfast
  • Local Guide Ijen Blue Fire
  • Fee Driver.
  • Insurance.
  • Mask.

Check the itinerary of Mount Bromo Tour Ijen Crater Blue Fire 3 Days 2 Nights

 7 items that must be brought when you go to Mount Bromo

1. Jacket

Because it is at the top of the mountain, the temperature will be very cold. moreover to see your sunrise must come to Penanjakan around 4 in the morning. So don’t get to Bromo by just using a T-shirt.

2. Gloves

besides the jacket of this item, one should not be overlooked. Use thick and warm gloves

3. Shoes and Socks

Many of the tourists who come only use sandals, maybe they forget that the temperature of Bromo in the morning will be very cold using footwear sandals will make you less comfortable, there are also those who use sandals and socks although a little warmer maybe but it will make it difficult for you when you climb the crater of Mount Bromo which is sandy. not dense sand like the beach which is exposed to seawater. so that your socks will be very dirty if you only use sandals and socks plus horse dung mixed with sand. Because there will be many residents who offer horses to ride to the crater if you don’t want to walk.

4. Glasses

Maybe when I call this thing in your mind the question arises. “How come the glasses?” if you go to the sun during the dry season and windy glasses are the things you must bring especially when you are going up the crater. the road to the sandy crater plus a lot of horse droppings when hit by the wind will make a lot of thick and thick dust and that will happen several times until you get to the crater. so that your eyes are protected from dust, use glasses. in addition to protecting the glasses can be one of the beautiful accessories when you are photographed 🙂

Why choose us as your travel agent for Mount Bromo Tour?

Why us? because we have experience from 2010 to set all destinations in East Java? Bromo is a tourist icon in East Java that has its peculiarities. Sunrise which is second to none because on the other side there is a view of Mount Bromo and Semeru. Mount Bromo itself is an active volcano and only one can be visited directly and not all travel agents can give satisfaction to you while on vacation. Mount Bromo is a unique place that can be reached through the cities of Malang, Surabaya, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo.

How To Book Package To Mount Bromo East Java? 

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