Mount Semeru Climbing Tour Package, Mount Semeru Trekking 3 Days

Mount Semeru Climbing Tour Package, Mount Semeru Trekking 3 Days – Semeru Mountain itself is the highest mountain of the island of Java with an altitude of 3,676 masl and is a climbing tourist spot located in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java, Indonesia. Mount Semeru is a favorite place for the community of climbers or nature lovers, both tourists from Indonesia and abroad. But apart from being a destination for climbing, Mount Semeru also has a very beautiful Milky Way, as well as at the top of Mount Bromo which has been famous for its Milky Way views. you can see also the Package of  Mount Bromo Milky Way

To climb to the top of Mount Semeru, East Java, Indonesia you can start from several paths, including, Via the Lumajang line or via the Semeru climbing route via Ranu Pane, which is from the overlapping direction of Malang.

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5 Tips Climbing Mount Semeru East Java

Tips Climbing the mountain with the height of the caliber of Mount Semeru requires careful preparation from all aspects. Not only enough at one funding preparation point or preparation supplies we can reach the summit of Mount Semeru, which reaches 3,676 meters above sea level. But many things need to be prepared and matured to succeed towards the summit of Semeru.

To avoid all the bad possibilities when climbing. We should prepare all our needs and physical condition before the climb. It must be remembered that climbing Mount Semeru is the highest mountain climbing on the island of Java. So the preparation for climbing Semeru Mountain must also be extra. The following are some of the preparations for mount Semeru climbing that we summarize

1 # Any Tool You Must Bring Before To Mount Semeru

Tips for climbing Mount Semeru the first is the readiness of climbing equipment. Need complete and thorough preparation to avoid unexpected things when climbing. Climbing equipment that you need to prepare includes a mountain bag that is quite large so that all items can fit in one place. Here is a complete list of equipment that must be carried: Jackets, Change clothes, Sleeping bag, Mattresses, Raincoat, Headlamp, Private medicine, Tableware (plates, glasses, forks, spoons), Trekking shoes,  Socks and socks, Headgear, Back bag, Camera, Certificate of health, Copy of ID CARD, Gaiters, Eyeglasses, Stick pole, Sandals, Plastic for packaging electronic equipment

2 # Prepare Physical with Sports

Tips for climbing Mount Semeru are physical exercises to practice physical strength during climbing. A long climb and needing extra energy will not be able to be reached without prior training. Do light exercise involving physical and respiratory activities such as running, basketball, futsal, and other sports.

This sport will be useful when we will climb to the top of Semeru. As we know the Semeru peak is surrounded by unstable sand. You can go up 2 steps down 1 step. Being physically fit will be very helpful when climbing.

Besides that the normal duration for climbing is 6 hours. 2 hours from Kalimati to Kelik. 4 hours from Kelik to the top of Mahameru. With the duration of the trip as long as it takes excellent physical.

Besides being physical, it also requires a strong mentality in facing all challenges during climbing. This mentality is needed when we rise to the top. Imagine 4 hours having to walk with extreme natural conditions. You have to convince yourself to get to the top.

3 # How to Register Mount Semeru Climbing Online Booking

Tips for climbing Mount Semeru the third you need to register online for booking permission to enter Semeru. At present all registration must be online through the official Bromo Tengger Semeru portal. You can register to us as local tour operator of east java tourism or

Keep in mind that the daily quota of climbing is 500 people. So try to book far in advance so you don’t get quota.

4 # Don’t be rushed, set the rhythm

In climbing it is not permissible to spend power in the beginning because precisely the toughest challenge is when approaching the peak. Use your energy consistently.

Because this is a climb that takes quite a long time and a long distance. Maintain your road rhythm. You could say relaxed but serious. Take a break if you are tired. But do not linger when resting. The longer it stops you will feel lazy to continue.

5 # Take care of nature, don’t throw away trash

Do not throw trash carelessly maybe you have often heard. Mount Semeru is a national park that is intended for nature conservation. Then don’t throw away your trash when visiting here.

Bring back the garbage you produced. Therefore, bring your own plastic trash. When finished drinking or eating. Enter the trash and bring it back when traveling home.

Those are some tips for climbing Mount Semeru that need to be considered by every climber. Hopefully, you can stare at the summit of Semeru and return safely with tips on climbing Mount Semeru above.

Itinerary Mount Semeru Climbing Tour Package

We provide this Mount Semeru Climbing package to suit your wishes, especially for mountaineer lovers, the Semeru trekking package 3 days 2 nights tour can be started with private packages from Surabaya and Malang where both cities have the closest airport to Mount Semeru and the following details / Itinerary from the Mount Semeru Climbing Tour Package.


  • The Trip of Mount Semeru Climbing starts from Surabaya / Malang Path in the morning then continues to Ranu village pane.
  • After arriving in the village Ranupane checks the preparation checks the logistics and takes care of licensing trekking to Mount Semeru.
  • After all the complete preparations then light trekking to Ranu Kumbolo is approximately 4 – 5 hours, rest and lunch at Ranu Kumbolo.
  • After the rest, continue the trekking to Kalimati for approximately 3 hours through Tanjakan Cinta – Cemoro Kandang.
  • After arriving at Kalimati Base Camp set up a tent, then dinner and rest.


  • You woke up at 12 pm to prepare for the climb to the top of Mahameru. Then breakfast then start climbing to Arcopodo approximately 2 hours, then proceed to the summit of Mahameru (3,676 masl) with a duration of 3 hours of hard trekking.
  • After arriving at the top of Semeru, enjoy the beauty and explore the peak of Semeru.
  • Then go back down to Kalimati for approximately 2 hours. Take a break and have breakfast, then continue trekking to Ranu Kumbolo for about 3 hours, for camping back at Ranu Kumbolo.


  • In the morning enjoy the beauty of the sunrise at Ranu Kumbolo. After breakfast, explore the Ranu Kumbolo area and then prepare to return to Ranu Pane village, approximately 4-5 hours drive. After arriving in the village of Ranu Pane took a break and had lunch. Finish eating, followed by a return trip to Malang / Surabaya.
  • Arriving in Surabaya / Malang, the Gunung Semeru Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights, finished

Facilities Mount Semeru Trekking from Malang / Surabaya Including :

  • Private car AC (air-conditioned) until the finish tour
  • Jeep rental by shuttle Tumpang or Bromo – Ranu Pane
  • Jeep for pickup from hitchhiking to Ranu Pane
  • Hotels and breakfast in Malang or Bromo
  • Logistics during the trip Semeru Trekking tour package
  • Porter for Semeru Trekking
  • Trekking facilities (sleeping beds, pillows, tents, ignition, hot water, dinner, and lunch)
  • Ticket to Semeru National Park
  • First Aid and Insurance

The requirements following program, Semeru Trekking 3Days 2Nights

  • Photocopy of ID card/ PASSPORT
  • A health certificate from a doctor.
  • Personal medicine
  • Thick clothing (jacket, gloves, skull cap / warm hat, mask)
  • Trekking shoes, sticks, flashlights, etc.

Noted :

To enjoy the Trekking tour to Mount Semeru or Trekking Ranu Kumbolo, try to depart from Surabaya or Malang Airport in the morning around 06.00 or maximum at 07.00 AM because Mount Semeru Trekking Trip is closed at 12:00 noon. If your arrival is in Surabaya / Malang in the afternoon or evening, alternatively you stay at the hotel/homestay in the area of ​​Mount Semeru or Bromo and the automatic tour package counts 4 days 3 nights, as is the Bromo Semeru Tour Package program.

Booking Mount Semeru Trekking Package Of East Java 

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