Mount Bromo Milky Way Photography Package Which Is Truly Spectacular

Mount Bromo Milky Way Photography Package Which Is Truly Spectacular

Who doesn’t know Mount Bromo? One of the tourist charms in the East Java prevention of Indonesia has become the preferred destination for those who want to see the beauty of the mountain with a million beauty. The mountains located in 4 districts, namely Malang Regency, Lumajang Regency, Pasuruan Regency, and Probolinggo Regency do indeed save the charm of beauty that need not be doubted.

Even because of the beauty they have, the location of this mountain is never empty of visitors. Starting from local residents, tourists from out of town, even foreign tourists flock to see the beauty of the volcano. This mountain which has a height of 2,392 masl besides being famous for its mountain charm, turns out there are several mainstay tourism objects that are a favorite among tourists. What are those?

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Objects Of Mount Bromo That Must Be Visited

This mountain which is located in the East Java region is indeed very famous in the hearts of tourists. Besides being able to see the beauty of sunrise or sunrise from the peak of Bromo, it turns out there are several other attractions that are not less interesting than the beauty of the sunrise that can be witnessed from the top of this mountain. Here are some of the attractions on Mount Bromo that are popular and are a choice for tourists:

1. Spot Milkyway Photography (Galaxy / Star Shooting in the sky)
 2. Sunrise in Taxation 1 (ViewPoint 1)
3. Mount Bromo Active Crater
4. Whispering Sand
5 Savanna and Teletubbies Hill

Mount Bromo Milky Way East Java Indonesia

The night is one of the newest and most popular Mount Bromo Tour Packages because the purpose of this tour package is to hunt down and see the real phenomena that are on the Mount Bromo Nature, namely the Milky Way. Besides Milky Way, we can also enjoy the beauty of Bromo Sunrise on the highest peak of Mount Penanjakan 1, then proceed to a place around Mount Bromo.

The Milky Way itself is a large spiral galaxy that has 200-400 billion stars with a diameter of 100,000 light-years and a thickness of 1000 light-years. And one of the best places to see the Milky Way is on Mount Bromo. And to enjoy this Bromo Milky Way trip, we can start from Surabaya or Malang with the following schedule:

Itinerary Mount Bromo Milkyway 2 Days 1 Night


  • We start by picking you up at 11:00 p.m. at Surabaya Airport, Malang from the hotel or train station by private AC (air-conditioned), then take you to the Cemoro Lawang, Bromo tourism area with a duration of about 2,5 hours drive.
  • Arrive at the Cemoro Lawang Village near Mount Bromo, Check in hotel and take a break and free Program


  • Your 23.00 will be picked up with the Bromo Jeep Tour and delivered to the best place for shooting the Milky Way, which is at the peak of Taxation 2 which is also called the Seruni point.
  • After the Milky Way tour program in Seruni point, the jeep driver takes you to the other Milky Way view, which is in the sea of ​​sand and the hill of love.
  • After finishing shooting on the hill of love, the driver drove you to Pananjakan 1, the best place to see the Milky Way, as well as Sunrise.
  • Arriving at the top of Pananjakan 1, then walking for 15 minutes to the location of the viewpoint, then we wait for the appearance of Mount Bromo Sunrise, When the sun rises it appears, then you will see the beautiful panorama around Bromo Tourism, such as the sea of ​​Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Sumeru and the cloud fog, this is the main destination for our vacation to Mount Bromo.
  • Around 6:00 a.m. after enjoying the beauty of Bromo sunrise and the surrounding scenery from the peak of Pananjakan, we return to the Jeep to continue to the next tourist destination, which is to go to the jeep parking lot in the sand near the crater of Mount Bromo. here all tour participants can rent horses to go to (Bromo Crater).
  • At 8:00 a.m., go back to the jeep parking location, then continue the tour to Padang Savana, Teletubies Hill, and Whispering Sand.
  • After finishing watching Bromo 4 locations, return to Bromo hotel, Breakfast – check out and return to Surabaya Airport, Malang, Banyuwangi or other locations that have been agreed before, and mount Bromo package, Done.

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Price Mount Bromo Milkyway Photography 2019 

Total Persons Prices on IDR 
6 Persons 1.050.000/pax
5 Persons 1.150.000/pax
4 Persons 1.250.000/pax
3 Persons 1.45.000/pax
2 Persons 1.650.000/pax

Facilities Mount Bromo Milkyway 

1. Transport 2 days (car, driver)
2. Hotels at Bromo 1 night + breakfast
3. Jeep 4 locations + Milky Way
4. Bromo entrance ticket
5. Fuel costs, tolls, parking, drivers
5. Mineral water during the tour
6. Masks


  • The price above is only an estimate (Price will be calculated again according to inquiry).
  • The price of the Bromo tour package can change at any time.
  • The pickup location can be adjusted according to request.
  • The prices above do not apply to High Season.

Information you need to know before to Mount Bromo :

  • Prepare and use comfortable clothes.
  • Bring a warm shirt/jacket.
  • Also, prepare warm socks.
  • Always prepare personal medicines.
  • Don’t forget the Camera and Power Bank.
    Take care of the surrounding environment by removing garbage in its place.

Booking Mount Bromo Milkyway East Java Indonesia 

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