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Complete Guidance Visit Ijen Crater Blue Fire Indonesia

ijen crater blue fire

Complete Guidance Visit Ijen Crater Blue Fire Indonesia

Blue Fire Ijen Crater is indeed a rare phenomenon that exists in Indonesia. Not only in Indonesia, but also in the world, except in Indonesia, you can only see this phenomenon in Iceland. So, it’s only natural that this place will definitely be very crowded, especially when the holiday season has arrived, wow, it’s really crowded. This rare sight, indeed becomes a sensation among millennials today. How not, sulfur craters that look normal during the day, suddenly become like a blazing blue flame. This phenomenon is indeed very unique and attracts the attention of tourists to come to see it firsthand. Not only local tourists, but foreign tourists also flocked to visit this place. But, roughly when is the best time to visit Ijen Crater?

The Best Time Travel To Ijen Crater Blue Fire

Before entering the answer to the question. It’s better we have to know in advance what Blue Fire is in Ijen Crater. To be sure, it is not a real fire, but the result of the reaction of natural gas that meets oxygen at a certain temperature. The blue color is caused by high temperatures in the crater. Maybe some people do not understand the concept of the phenomenon, but the most important is the extraordinary scenery that is rare in the world. if you’re here, don’t forget to bring a mask, because if you inhale excessive sulfur gas, it will interfere with your breathing and cause a little dizziness. Have you been or are you interested in climbing the mountain in the Banyuwangi area? Before that, check out his review about the best time to visit Ijen Crater

1. Between December and January
The best time to visit the first Ijen crater is between December and January. Even though actually, it is possible to visit this crater anytime, but at the end of December, the fog that usually covers the Ijen Crater / Puncak Ijen tends to thin out. You can certainly enjoy the panorama of Ijen Crater or Blue Fire without thick fog. So you can be very satisfied, explorer friend, if you have time at the end of the year, make time to come here with your family. In this place too many parents who invite their children anyway! So you can enjoy this rare sight with your family. Guaranteed to be amazed and make blank!

2. Between June and September
The best time to visit the Ijen Crater Blue Fire is the second between the months of June to September. Why? Because at this time it is summer, so the soil conditions will also be very dry, of course, this will not be inconvenient for climbers. Indirectly, this can also speed up the climbing time, because the terrain is not as heavy as during the rainy season, and other risks are also more minimal. In addition, bright sunlight shines on the mountain so you don’t feel too cold because of the mountain peak. Even though it’s still cold, it’s not as cold as the rainy season, of course. Who is interested in Ijen this month? It will definitely be more exciting!

3. Leave in the Morning
The best time to visit the Ijen Crater is to choose the next trip from the morning. Usually leave at 05.00-06.00, of course, the air is still cool and also the sunlight is very healthy. Apart from that, you are also ‘accompanied’ by mist if you walk in the morning. Another advantage is, you won’t be late at night to reach the next peak or post you want to go to. In addition, the risk of walking during the day is the wind that usually blows hard, it causes sulfur gas is easily carried and can interfere with your breathing too.

4. Night Climbing
The next best time to visit Ijen Crater is at night. Where this time is the most favorite time for climbers, of course, because they want to see Blue Fire! You can leave at 10 pm, and get to the top around 2 or 3 in the morning. This time is also the best time to see this rare phenomenon. You will see how crowded people are above the crater. After watching Blue Fire, you will be greeted with a sunrise that certainly looks very beautiful from the top of the mountain. Guaranteed not to regret if you visit the Ijen Crater!

List Of Packages To Ijen Crater :

Access To Visit Ijen Crater Blue Fire

1. From Surabaya or Jakarta:
The easiest and fastest way to reach Ijen Crater from Surabaya Airport is by using a plane that goes to Surabaya International Airport. If you are from Singapore, Malaysia, even Europe you can fly to Surabaya first, but if you are from the European Continent you can transit to Singapore, Jakarta, and Surabaya, from Surabaya You can also choose the train as another alternative that aims to the eastern part of Banyuwangi.

2. Ijen Blue Fire Crater Tour Guide:
When I first visited Ijen Crater we suggested to take a private tour package from Andris Tour and Travel where the private tour took us to tour Bromo National Park first to the Ijen Crater.

Why to Bromo? because Bromo is the best icon in East Java that you must visit, it’s incomplete if you only visit Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo also has a golden sunrise that cannot be found in other areas, please read about how to visit Bromo.

If you don’t want to be bothered and prioritize comfort during a trip in Ijen Crater then the tour guide is highly recommended! Both the driver, the guide at Bromo Tengger-Semeru National Park and also the guide at Ijen Crater are all very kind and helpful!

3. Where to Stay?

for a place to stay in Ijen crater, the area certainly has a lot of listed five-star hotels, homestays and villas but we will provide it all in one package that you can adjust to your taste.

Travel from Surabaya Airport to Ijen Crater about 6 hours drive to Banyuwangi or Bondowoso and stay at Mirah Hotel Banyuwangi or at Grand Padis Bondowoso Hotel to just rest a few hours before heading to Ijen Crater. This hotel is quite nice and comfortable which is already included in our private tour package.

The travel time from Mirah Hotel Banyuwangi and Grand Padis Hotel to Ijen Crater are also around 1.5 hours because Ijen Crater is actually closer to Bondowoso Regency compared to Banyuwangi Regency itself although in territory Ijen Crater enters into Banyuwangi Regency.

Tips For Climbing Towards Ijen Crater Blue Fire

1. Physical exercise a few days earlier so as not to be surprised while there. This is very important for those of you who really rarely exercise, especially never go up the mountain. so this is so important before climbing Mount Ijen Crater

2. Use layered clothes and thick jackets. that the air in Ijen Crater is very cold and can reach temperatures of 2 ° C. Not only the air but the wind in the Ijen crater area is also very strong which makes the air cooler and piercing bones.

3. Use shoes that have a jagged base or special mountain shoes. The road to Ijen Crater, especially at night to get Ble Fire, a gravel road that makes you easy to slip plus the road that is also very far uphill. Therefore, make sure you wear shoes that are comfortable but can also support your body very well.

4. Thick socks are certain.

5. Use a scarf and hat to protect you from the cold morning air. Scarves can also protect you from toxic gases coming from Ijen Crater.

6. Bring only the necessary items! Attention guys, please bring only the items you need such as a camera, cellphone, and a bottle of drinking water when going to Ijen Crater. That’s enough! Do not make a lot of luggage a burden for you because trekking to the crater is not easy you know! Especially if in the end you overload your luggage to your guide, it feels unethical!

7. Before you start Trekking Mount Ijen Crater, make sure you go to the toilet first. In the Ijen Crater area, there are no public toilets or any “safe” place to urinate.

8. If you are afraid of hunger, try to only eat foods that are not too heavy like pop noodles or chocolate as a source of energy so as not to interfere with your trekking.
Flashlight. Along the way to the Ijen Crater, the scene that was seen was only pitch black. Make sure you bring a small flashlight to help you light the way.

9. Masks are very important while there. In my opinion, ordinary masks are not enough because the smell of sulfur is very sharp and has the potential to damage the health of the lungs. In the middle of the trekking trip, there will be a post where to rent a special mask. The cost of renting this mask is Rp. 35,000.

10. UV glasses. When you start to get close to Blue Fire and want to capture the moment there then make sure you use UV sunglasses to protect the eyes from the pain of the crater gas carried by the wind. Your eyes will be very dry and runny when near Blue Fire.

11. Bring other personal needs that are not too heavy such as tissue, wet tissue, wind resistance, and wind oil.

12. Finally, for those of you who have done quite a good preparation but still not strong trekking to Ijen Crater, don’t worry because there is a human motorcycle taxi ready to help you get to the top of Mount Ijen by using a cart. The rate per person using the services of a motorcycle taxi to the top of Rp 1,200,000 and the rate going down from the peak to the initial meeting point of Rp 600,000 per person Fantastic indeed, but what pulls you to the top consists of 4 to 6 people depending on the size of the passenger.

Hopefully, this article Ijen Crater Blue Fire information is useful, and for those of you who have already visited this crater, may spoilers to other friends, yes in the comments column, let me ask you! Happy holidays and have

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