Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package Cheap Price 2019

Mount Bromo Midnight Adventure Tour Package, Mount Bromo still occupies the top position as the main destination and a popular choice for both Nusantara and foreign tourists. One of the popular spots that put the best Golden Sunrise in Indonesia that must be visited. In 2019, we present cheap tourism products to Bromo in the package, a combined Mount Bromo tour package with a duration of 12 hours without staying departing from Malang and Surabaya.

This Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package, we will invite you together to witness firsthand the natural beauty and splendor of Bromo crater. For 12 hours, visit the 5 best spots of Mount Bromo starting from Sunrise Point to watch the Golden Sunrise, enjoy the splendor of the Mount Bromo Active Crater from the rim of the crater, across the expanse of Padang Savana and the sea of ​​sand known as Pasir Berbisik while visiting the Dewa Palace in the middle of the sea of ​​Pura Luhur Poten, also enjoys the green of Teletubies Hill as an instagramable spot and adds to your collection.

Description Of Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java Indonesia

Mount Bromo is an active volcano located in East Java, Indonesia which has an altitude of 2,329 masl and is located in four regencies, including Probolinggo Regency, Pasuruan Regency, Malang Regency, and Lumajang Regency. Bromo Mountain is included in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS). There are several favorite places on Mount Bromo, such as Penanjakan Hill (Sunrise), Bromo Crater, Pure Luhur Poten, Savana, Teletubbies Hill, and Whispering Sand.

Penanjakan Hill ( View Point Of The Sunrise )

Penanjakan Hill is a hill located on the west side of the Bromo crater and entered in the Pasuruan Regency area. This place is known for extreme terrain and very steep inclines, to be able to pass it can only be traversed by vehicles that have a double drive (4WD), generally, tourists use the Bromo Jeep Rental Services, which are often found in the Bromo area. For motorbikes, it can still pass through hill-climbing, but it is not recommended for motorbike Matic.

Mount Bromo Crater

Bromo Crater is an active crater that has a diameter of ± 800 meters (north-south) and ± 600 meters (east-west). While the danger area is a circle with radius 4 km from the center of Bromo crater. To get to Bromo Crater you can walk from the Bromo jeep parking area for approximately 3 km and have to climb the stairs which number approximately 250 steps. There is another alternative to get to Bromo crater, which is to ride a horse (rent) to the bottom of the stairs, so you just climb the stairs to the crater.

Hindu place of worship on Mount Bromo (Luhur Poten)

Luhur Poten Temple is a place of worship for the Tengger Tribe, which is predominantly Hindu. This place is in the middle of the sea of ​​Bromo sand and not far from the Bromo crater, so if you go to Bromo Crater you will find this Luhur Poten Temple on the way. However, this place is closed to tourists. This temple is the central point of the Tengger tribe ceremonies, such as Yadnya Kasada, Karo, Unan-unan and other traditional activities.

Savana Of Mount Bromo

Savana is a vast natural grass garden that is so beautiful. The location of the savanna is on the east and south ends. Unlike the previous place, this place was dominated by green grass and wild plants, such as mountain ferns, weeds and various types of flowers. The view on the savanna is very beautiful and green with rows of towering cliffs and hills. One of them is Teletubbies Hill

Teletubbies Hill Of Mount Bromo

Teletubbies Hill is a place at the eastern end of the Mount Bromo area. There is a hillside that resembles a hill in the Teletubbies series. This place is right behind the Bromo Savanna, the shades of green still surround this place like a savanna. Cool air and amazing scenery make tourists usually feel at home here.

Whispering Sand Of Mount Bromo

Whispering sand is a vast expanse of Bromo sand, as long as the eye can see you will see a vast expanse of sand. When the weather and the right moment you will get an amazing natural phenomenon, where the sand exposed to wind causes a sound effect like whispering. Not only that, another natural phenomenon that you will encounter in whispering sand is a stretch of sand covered in mist. This phenomenon is due to cold sand exposed to sunlight so that the sand will evaporate and fog appears from the sand. This moment is usually hunted and awaited by photographers to capture natural phenomena on Mount Bromo.

When is the best time to see Mount Bromo Sunrise?

The best time to visit Bromo in the early morning  So, if you depart from Surabaya / Malang, pick-up will be done in the afternoon/evening. For the Bromo Midnight tour package, pick-up is done at night, around 11-12 a.m. has started the journey to Mount Bromo. Arriving at the Bromo tourist area around 2:30 – 3:00 in the morning. After that, take a short break. Then, depart using the Bromo jeep to go to the tourist location, around 3:45 – 4:15 to see the sunrise, and tour to Bromo.

How To Buy Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package? 

Why don’t you just go alone? if you go alone, do you already know the route and what is needed for a holiday to Bromo?

For backpackers, who have a lot of time, we provide a sharing tour package, or commonly called the Open Trip to Bromo.

The reason why you should buy a mount Bromo tour package midnight to us.

  • Do not memorize the route & road to Mount Bromo
  • Do not know what the situation is in the area of Mount Bromo
  • Don’t know cheap hotels around Mount Bromo

By buying a Bromo tour package, it will be more profitable. More economical, not wasting time, including shuttle. And, there are many other advantages.

Choose the Andris Tour travel services that have handled thousands of consumers from around the world, we have had many positive testimonials that further encourage us, please contact in this contact:

Address: JL. Raya Bromo No. B07 Probolinggo, East Java
HP / WA: +6281 234 571 135

Although paying cheap to buy a Bromo tour package, don’t want to be disappointed by a travel agent. You must choose a trusted and proven travel agency that provides the best service.

Rundown Mount Bromo Midnight Tour’s Itinerary Open And Private Trip

  • 11.00 Pm: Tour participants pickup at the Malang meeting point or Surabaya with a car and a professional driver with a 3-4 hour trip.
  • 02.00 Pm: Arrive at Bromo climb to wait for Sunrise to be satisfied
  • 06.00 Am: Travel and enjoy Pandang Savana, Teletubbies Hill
  • 08.00 Am: Mount Bromo Crater and Luhur Poten Temple
  • 11.00 Am: Enjoying the Madakaripura Waterfall in the village of Lumbang Probolinggo with an hour’s distance from Mount Bromo (Oppositional Tour)
  • 2.30 Pm: Finish Return to Malang or Surabaya airport (Meeting Point Malang)

Please also check package : 

Price Of Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package 2019

2 Persons IDR 2.300,000,-
3 Persons IDR 2.500, 000,-
4 Persons IDR 2.800.000,-
5 Persons Rp 3.200.000,-
6 Persons Rp 3.500.000,-

Facilities for the Bromo Midnight Tour Package

These fees include:

  • Transportation (Include Pickup Area Malang City, Batu Kota & Surabaya Kota).
  • Professional drivers are polite and friendly.
  • Fuel
  • Mount Bromo Jeep / Hardtop Tour
  • Entrance tickets for all locations in Bromo.
  • Parking All Locations.

This fee does not include:

  • Individual needs.
  • Rent a Horse in Bromo.
  • East
  • Insurence

* Prices are not valid for other High Season & Holidays.
* For foreigners there is an additional fee of Rp. 300,000 / Px.
* More than> 5 Px Consult us to get the best price.

As explained above, this Bromo Trip service is a combined and private tour package. So that the majority of Trip’s participants are mostly people you don’t know. This holiday can be one of the socialization events for you to expand your association. This can also be used as a place to increase your business relations. Besides the trip sharing package, we also have a private tour package that you can choose but the price is relatively more expensive than the Bromo midnight trip, getting a nice vacation with other people you can also make new friends. Who knows, you’re lucky to be able to get a mate.

Time Efficiency for the Mount Bromo Tour Package

Holidays using open trip services are very suitable for those of you who work in offices and very rarely have vacation time with a busy creeping. So you can use a long weekend to get rid of fatigue for days wrestling with tiring office activities. But when it’s time for your vacation you don’t even have the chance to prepare everything for a holiday because of the limited time off. Therefore, you can take advantage of this midnight Bromo tour package service to plan your vacation without the need to bother using limited time to think about things you should prepare for your vacation. Your vacation time just needs to be enjoyed by using Andris Tour And Travel services as the answer.

Address: JL. Raya Bromo No. B07 Probolinggo, East Java
HP / WA: +6281 234 571 135